Kenansville Lions Club

            Largest Buck by Weight

1st Place         $300 & Trophy

2nd Place        $200

3rd Place         $125

4th Place         2020 Free Entry

$100 Bonus will be awarded if tournament record is broken  (176.2 lbs)

               Largest Doe by Weight

1st Place             $300 & Trophy

2nd Place            $200

3rd Place             $125

4th Place             2020 Free Entry

$100 Bonus will be awarded in tournament record is broken.  (101.5 lbs)

1.  To participate, hunter's registration form and payment must be received by 7pm on November 21,            2019.

2.  Official hunting dates and times are Nov. 22nd & Nov. 23rd during legal hunting hours.

3.  Weigh in will be held at the Duplin County Events Center (See map below for directions) from 10am           to 9pm each day of the tournament.

4.  Hunters may hunt anywhere in Eastern North Carolina where they have the legal right to hunt.

5.  No game will be taken in an illegal manner.  All wildlife rules and regulations must be obeyed.

6.  Game must be weighed and scored on the same day it is taken.  No carry over game is allowed.

7.  All deer must be properly registered in accordance with the North Carolina laws, rules, and                               regulations.  Any unregistered deer will be disqualified.

8.  No member of the Kenansville Lions Club may enter this tournament.

9.  Each person may enter more than one deer,  but cannot win more than one tournament prize.

10.  Deer must be field dressed (i.e. gutted with all organs (including male reproductive organs) removed            and head and hooves still attached.  The abdomen and chest cavity must be completely empty.

11.  All deer will be weighed by the Kenansville Lions Club weigh master.  Each animal will be weighed                  and recorded to the nearest tenth of a pound (.10).

12.  The Kenansville Lions Club reserves the right to deny any entry.

13.  All participants must agree to have their names and photographs used in publications for this event.

14.  Injection of any substance for the purpose of adding weight is not allowed.

15.  Each hunter will be required to present NC Wildlife Registration number at weigh-in.

16.  Each hunter will be required to sign a legally binding statement swearing under oath that he/she                    killed the deer he/she is entering.  Prize winners may be subject to further verification.

17.  In case of a tie, the deer weighed in first will be awarded the higher place.


​Big Buck Round-Up

1.  Fill out information on entry form and sign.

2.  Pay $20.00 entry fee before the deadline.

3.  Mail entry form plus $20 check to: Kenansville Lions Club

                                                                                    P O Box 1062

                                                                                    Kenansville, NC 29349

      "Or" you can deliver entry form and $20 cash/check to Stallings of Kenansville (Brown's Service Center)

      "Or" you can deliver entry form and $20 cash/check to any Kenansville Lions Club member.

4.   Must be delivered before 7pm on November 21st, 2019.  (No entries will be accepted after that time               by hand or by mail).

Rules and Regulations

How to Enter

     Largest Weight by Youth (16 & Under)

Buck and Doe Divisions

1st Place   $100 cash & Trophy

2nd Place  $75 cash & Trophy

3rd Place   $50 cash & Trophy

4th Place   2020 Free Entry

$100 Bonus will be awarded if the tournament record is broken.

(youth buck 142.4 lbs    youth doe 83.7 lbs)

Raffle Prizes

  • Henry Golden Boy 22LR Rifle
  • Duck Hunt for 4
  • Over and Under 20ga
  • Custom built deer stand
  • Bob Timberlake numbered and signed print
  • Delton Sport .223 Rifle
  • Wilmington Gas Grill
  • Westwater Ham
  • 40 Bags Deer Corn 
  • Country Squire Dinner for Two
  • Country Squire Wine Gift Basket
  • Round of Golf  for 4 at Duplin Country Club
  • Round of Golf for 4 at Timberlake Country Club
  • 2 hour Birthday Pony Ride

​1.  All hunters who have entered the tournament will automatically be entered in a drawing for     four different guns. (1.) Winchester SXP Camo 12 ga.   (2.) Delton  Sport .223  (3.) Charles Daly 12ga (4.) Ruger American .308

2.  Every hunter who weighs in a doe will be registered to win a stainless Ruger 10/22 .22 rifle.

3.  Not a hunter or didn't register for the tournament?  DON'T WORRY, we will have many other       ways for you to win great prizes!  Check out our raffle items listed below and be sure to come out during the event to see even more great items you can enter to win!

Other ways to Win

​Highest Scoring Rack

1st Place  $500, shoulder mount & trophy.  Score is determined by the following formula: (longest tine + widest outside spread + number of points over 1 inch long) $100 Bonus will be awarded if winner beats tournament record (40 1/16)

2nd Place - $200

3rd Place - $125

4th Place - 2020 Free Entry